Our Pink Latte is in its own lane

Our Pink Latte is in its own lane.


Flavor profile and presentation 10/10.

Pink Latte

No artificial coloring. 


Espresso and naturally-colored Pink Milk are accented with a superfood Pink Sugar Rim.

Pink Latte

Instead of adding artificial colors with food dye, we use dragon fruit superfood powder to create a latte with a pink punch, minus the foreign chemicals.



We’d ask…why not?


Available as a hot or iced latte. We recommend both.

Pink Latte


If you're going to make your own pink latte at home, you'll need a few ingredients to get you started!

Beetroot Power or Dragon Fruit 
Spices like ginger or cinnamon
Milk of your choice (we suggest oat or almond) 
Sweetener, if you're into that
Iced or hot!

Pink Latte

Happy Latte-ing 

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