VooDoo Child Whole Coffee Beans
VooDoo Child Whole Coffee Beans

VooDoo Child Whole Coffee Beans

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Roast Level: Light

Honey, dried black currant, ripe fruit

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VooDoo Child Coffee Beans

Hand sourced in the mountains west of Veracruz, Mexico

Lighty roasted to preserve both maximum caffeine content and rich flavor.

Honey nut, Vanilla Wafer, Sugar Cane

VooDoo Child Whole Coffee Beans

With a mesmerizing brew that hits all the right notes, this Ethiopian Guji coffee dances on your taste buds like a perfectly executed guitar riff. A captivating roast sourced from the highlands of Guji, with a unique flavor profile reminiscent of succulent strawberries and luscious dried fruits. Voodoo Child is sure to transport you to a world of psychedelic vibes with every sip. So sit back, relax, and let the magic of this coffee take you on a trip to ultimate coffee indulgence!


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