Unplugged Whole Decaf Coffee Beans
Unplugged Whole Decaf Coffee Beans

Unplugged Whole Decaf Coffee Beans

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Roast Level: DARK

balanced, chocolate, sweet

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Unplugged Decaf Coffee Beans

Hand sourced in the mountains west of Veracruz, Mexico

Lighty roasted to preserve both maximum caffeine content and rich flavor.

Honey nut, Vanilla Wafer, Sugar Cane

Unplugged Whole Decaf Coffee Beans

27 Club Coffee’s Signature Unplugged Sugarcane Decaf is carefully crafted to bring you a tranquil sense of euphoria, without the jolt of caffeine.
Each sip of our Unplugged roast delivers a rich and satisfying flavor profile that rivals its caffeinated counterparts, ensuring a truly enjoyable coffee experience without the caffeine chaos.
By utilizing premium coffee beans from the lush coffee farms of Columbia, our Unplugged roast puts decaf coffee into a whole new genre.
Plug in to unplug and with each sip, allow yourself to disconnect from the demands of everyday life. Let our Unplugged roast be your ticket to unwind and enjoy a moment of flavorful serenity.


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